A Stroll in Balboa Park


Being quite the park enthusiast as I am, this park is by far in my top 3!   Maybe I’m bias because it is my hometown but truly this park offers so many options for so many different types of people that not all parks do. Here is just a few examples to show you how fantastic this park really is!

Just to mention a few:

*The Old Globe Theater 

*The Art Village- From Mosaics to Glass Blowing

*World Village- A collection of little cottages representing countries of the world

*Museums- Space, Aviation, Car, History, Art and so much more!

*Gorgeous Spanish architecture- tiled pieces, rod iron trimming and breathtaking courtyards

*Botanical Gardens


*Tea Gardens and Tea House

*Restaurants & Snack Stands

*Open Air Cinema- During certain times of the year

*Rose Gardens- During certain times of year

*Fountains & Koi Pond 

*Spreckle’s Organ Pavilion- many talented Organists  perform on designated evenings 

*Street Vendors & Artists- My favorite is the exotic bird adoptions

Not to mention the best atmosphere for a casual picnic, bike rides or a romantic stroll, as any park should offer. More often then not, I guaranteed you will  see a Bride and Groom walk hand in hand . The park is full of romantic scenery, that you cant help falling in love with.

Here is just a few reasons why I love the park as much as I do. At one end of the park, on the outskirts, the commercial jets soar overhead just low enough where you feel as if you can just reach up and touch them. The reason being is that they are just about to touch down at the San Diego’s “Lindbergh Field” Airport and most flights are directed to fly right through the city, giving you quite a sight worth seeing esp. if you are sitting down for a picnic in the park.

The other favorite of mine seems to be others as well and quite an attention seeker. The Koi pond brings in quite a crowd and for good reasons. Many donated koi are placed in this sanctuary and come in all shapes and sizes. You may also get the pleasure of seeing a turtle or two. This is a place that time really can pass by without a care. So when you come to San Diego, don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to visit the breathtaking park and find your own unique place here.

Safe Travels!


Beignets Of New Orleans

imageOne of the best things about traveling to the southern states, is their fabulous fried food. When passing through New Orleans stop by any cafe and preferably Cafe Du Monde. Try the cafe latte and their world famous Beignets. If you love fried funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar, this is the place to be. Make sure you eat them when they just come out.. hot and fresh….( if you wait too long, they become rubbery and aren’t as good). The air in New Orleans is filled with the sounds of the blues and the fresh smell of beignets. Want to recreate this atmosphere…. Throw on some Louis Armstrong and whip yourself up some fried funnel cakes.

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The Central Perks

A day at the park or a quaint uptown café…these songs may do the trick to make an absolute perfect day in the big city.

The Central Perks (NYC Playlist #2): Keep Reading…

In a New York Minute

Traveling, commuting or just meditating, I always need a little musical inspiration. Like a photograph, music imprints memories long after the journey has ended. I have been inspired by movies just by their soundtracks and some favorite tunes from my own travels. This playlist in all honesty has been taken from favorite selected movies that are based in NYC and my own personal experience in the Big Apple as well.

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What’s not to love about Moab—red rocks balanced in precarious positions; trails that twist under fallen boulders; slick rocks, tall monoliths and sharp phobia-inducing canyons.

Not familiar with Moab?

Then head west, pilgrim, to the wide open playground of Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Keep Reading…