Viva Las Vegas?

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The French have a famous saying that France is the belly button of the world. Now I’m going to have to contradict that saying by interjecting that there is by far a better place to be referred to as the “belly button of the world”, and that definitely is the FABULOUS LAS VEGAS. From the glamour and glitz to the ummm, not so glamorous drunken stupors wondering around barefoot and lost. That famous saying “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”, I’m sure refers to all those girls in 5in heels and weaves that tossed them aside in those moments of excruciating pain, which are still left on the Boulevard and are being wore by some poor homeless person to stay warm and now he’s looking absolutely fabulous.

Ok, so everyone has been to Vegas, just like everyone has a belly button and don’t lie, you know you have found odd things in there before. Vegas is the land of odd and entertainment. If you don’t gamble or do the club thing, all you have to do is people watch and you would have paid your monies worth. If you don’t believe me, go hangout at Whole Foods for a few minutes, they pass out free samples of vodka, as girls in 6in clear shoes walk around with sunglasses on so you wont recognize them… as if the glitter doesn’t give them away. Hey at least the vodka is organic and they are saving the world with paper and not plastic.

Las Vegas is a great place to spend a few days, blow some money and have lasting memories. I can’t say I’ve lost bundles of money but I can say the memories are epic, which keep me and many other people coming back for that “one more trip and then I’m done”. Yea right, you’re never done with Vegas. More you come back, the more you find those hidden secrets that makes those certain places, Your Vegas.

XO from Las Vegas, Nevada

(In loving memory of Ron, he knew the real Las Vegas)




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