I Would Walk 500 Miles…

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 Unpreparedness- Yes there is such a word and the definition is…My husband & me. Our honeymoon planned out beautifully in my head but when someone else is paying for it and planned it, things didn’t go as I planned.

We embarked on a lovely train ride from San Diego to Santa Barbara. About a five hour trip, the train arrived around 6ish, leaving us with a little bit of light to spare.  We headed toward State Street. Like typical tourists, though we’ve been to the city many times in the past, this time, we didn’t have a car. Our source said that the location of the hotel was near the train station. So like helpless tourists, we asked a local, hoping at least he would know. His words were vague, pointing up toward town saying, “its just up that way”.

 I, in a dress and luckily in flip flops and my new husband in a suit with both of our luggage; we made our way to town. The local mentioned something about a shuttle that we could take, it may take us right to our destination, for 50 cents a person. My husband being kind of hard headed, felt that the exercise would do us both a world of good, so we declined. We didn’t quite know where we were going but we knew it was straight ahead on State Street. We kept going and going and going on, past the shopping district and past the suburbs. That’s it! The suspense was killing me! I stopped and had to MapQuest it on my phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the dot from where we were standing to where we needed to be was a good distance apart.  We kept on, hoping that the minutes would close the gap between those two little dots.

After what seemed like hours, up & down hills, I had to stop again for the second time to find out how much further and what we accomplished. The little dot didn’t even look as if it had budged. So exhausted, I checked the miles we had to go. I gasped in horror, we had two more miles to go! It was a total of five miles! By a motorized vehicle; it would have taken about ten minutes, on foot…two hours! Light was quickly leaving the scene so we had to keep going on, now speed walking!

 Long story short, we finally made it to our hotel. Just when we thought we were our honeymoon suite (which was a little more then a Motel 6),  all the way in the back, up the only stairs they had in the whole hotel and it was a big complex. I thought I could no longer go on but somehow I was able to make it. I could not feel my legs for days and my poor husband had blisters all over his feet from his dress shoes and bleeding wounds from the luggage.

 We must have been insane. We were stupid and it ruined our whole honeymoon! Don’t be that stupid, please. Research, it will help you not make the same stupid mistake as we did. We had limited funds but our creative minds should not have been. Santa Barbara is a beautiful city and expensive. If you choose to not drive as well, buses are available and only $1.75 per person. They are safe and clean because it is a very clean & upscale city. As for the shuttle the local had mentioned, it only covers a very small route. Basically it will take you from the shopping district down town, on to the train station and then to the pier.

Walking is wonderful but it does limit you but the city does offer so many wonderful attractions: for artists, surfers, bicyclists, historians and lovers. Take it from the newlyweds, don’t let someone else plan your romantic getaway, pay for it, sure…but do your own homework and always plan for the unexpected, that’s what makes traveling an adventure esp. with the one you love.

XO from Santa Barbara

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 –Great Restaurants to try down town S.B.: 

*Chase: an Italian restaurant. My entre: Sliced garlic grilled chicken over steamed veggies.

*Santa Barbara Brewing Company: My entre: Grilled herb chicken butterflied over garlic mashed potatoes…amazing burst of flavor!

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