J’aime La Tour Eiffel

photo 2 (27)I love Paris is the winter when it drizzles, I love Paris in the summer when it… Sparkles?

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower is the most famous French landmark, and definitely  one of  the most famous worldwide. Going into Paris, many have the idea that this monument is cliché and over used. To see this amazing attraction in person is when you can really appreciate it at its fullness and wonderment. This famous French monument is stunning and enhances a travelers experience by giving a real feel to the authenticity of Parisian life.

In a city that was built many years ago this new addition, which was finished in 1889 held the record for the tallest man made structure in the world for many years. The iron monstrosity of a tower was constructed as a radio broadcasting tower by Gustave Eiffel and his company. La tour Eiffel can be seen from almost all throughout Paris, therefore drawing many to her.

The Eiffel Tower consists of 3 levels, which are accessible by an elevator and/or stairs… the stairs are only available to the public for the first two levels. Trust me, the climb to the first and second are hard enough, be thankful that if you do want to go to the third level (which I highly recommend) the only option is the elevator. When going to the third level be prepared, you will be shoved into a small boxed elevator, feeling much like a sardine as it goes up up and away…. If you have a fear of heights or are claustrophobic, I do not recommend the 3rd level. But if you are looking for an amazing glimpse of all of Paris, take that elevator and see the spectacular panoramic views. To see all of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, go during the day…. Of course at night you will not be able to see Paris at its depth and also depending on what time of year it is, it gets very cold and windy at the top. One thing to see at night though, is the Eiffel Tower sparkle! Grab a seat anywhere in Paris and watcher the tower go off….photo (4)

Like bubbles in Marie Antoinette champagne glass, the sparkles light up your eyes. Unaware of this spectacular site, Airyana and I were in Paris for the first time, wandering around (probably lost), as the Eiffel Tower illuminated the night, we both stopped in our tracks and just stared; it was like a New Years party celebration! The Eiffel Tower lights up and sparkles for 5 minutes on the hour (till 1am) making the city that much more magical and alluring. So the next time you pass by Paris, stay awhile and check out the view from up top the Eiffel Tower and Go Lost as you watch it sparkle and light up the night sky.

XO From Paris, France.

Rates for Eiffel Tower

Lift Entrance (valid up to the 2nd level)

Adults: 8.5o euros

12-24: 7.00 euros

Reduced Rates- 4-11/disabled: 4.00 euros

Lift Entrance to Top

Adults: 14.50 euros

12-24: 13.00 euros

Reduced Rates- 4-11/ disabled: 10.00 euros

*Reduced rates applies to persons accompanying disabled people

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