As The Ball Drops On 2014….

Go Lost is getting that itch… you know, the one when sitting still for too long is making you go crazy. If you don’t travel soon you might end up twisting your hair compulsively, while rocking in a corner repeating the same sentence over and over again…. “TRAVEL, MUUUSST TRAVEL!”

Therefore, tickets were bought to save my sanity. I can’t say that I resorted to rocking but I can say, I needed a new adventure to plan for. So the countdown is on to spreading my wings, well…. the airplanes wings and flying.

For some, traveling is about having someone else plan it, for others its all about the planning; everything is scheduled on a timely manner, down to the minute. For the most part, for me, it’s about walking around, getting lost and just observing everything. As an artist I want to just wander and find great images and settings to draw. Then on the other hand,part of me wants to run to every important site as fast as we can, all before lunch. Traveling is a great mixture of the both, if you plan too much then you’ll miss out on the spontaneous moments that aren’t rubric. But if you don’t have some structure, then you’ll regret WASTED time, opportunities and lets not forget most importantly, MONEY.

This Go Lost series begins the planning of the last travels to end 2013. This will include purchasing tickets, researching hotels, planning attractions, events, foods and what to take while traveling. Sometimes I get so excited for the places that are mapped out that I forget, I freeeeeze anywhere that is under 80 degrees. This puts a huge damper on packing, what I can and can not bring. So if you’re anything like me, planning is good and will come in handy, down to how many socks and warm underwear to bring.

So… what do you do if your travel starts in Las Vegas goes to New York City, to celebrate the New Year by watching the ball drop in Madison Square Garden, all the way to New Orleans to kick off the start of some of their famous festivals. Well, stay tuned and you will find out. GO LOST with me as I plan and board that plane which will begin an adventure that will take us into the year 2014!

XO Travels with Chanel

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