What’s in your bag? part I

If you have a trip planned than most likely you have limited funds, due to the money already forked out. You probably don’t have a closet like Paris Hilton or her bank account for that matter, and you want new stuff to take with you on this exciting trip; or to vamp up your old wardrobe. It’s difficult to know what to take with you when you’re going to locations that are cold and fashionable, or warm and casual, or both. My secret? Layering.

 I have traveled from locations like the isles of Scotland to isles of Greece. Sometimes these travels have been out of rolling suitcases with plenty of room, but most of the time, out of a backpack, with extremely limited space. So when your trip consists of various weather conditions, you must be smart about your travel accessories.

Clothes… this is the best part to start!

The Bottom Half

Jeans– a must when traveling! Nice thing about jeans is that they are very versatile. They can be rolled up and worn with sandals or left long with boots/shoes. I usually take about 2-3 pairs…and we all know they can be worn without constant washing.  

Yoga pants– these days yoga pants are the rage. Rightfully so… comfort verses stylish. Yoga pants will look good with a hoody or a tank top and they are comfortable for those long train rides, flights or even as PJs (and they don’t look sloppy like sweats).

Shorts/cargo pants– I feel like the older I get, I tend to shy away from shorts. But if you still love your legs and can pull off a pair, they are so easy to pack. Shorts look good with flip flops/sandals, shoes and even a pair of boots. The look can be styled up by throwing a pair of boots on with shorts. If you got the legs, show em off! If not, I like a pair of tan cargo pants. Think Jennifer Aniston, cargo pants were her signature outfit on friends. Cargo pants can be casual with sandals or wedge shoes as they are scrunched up or even a pair of boots for warmth.

Leggings- As Nacho Libre says, “My stretchy pants”. Love leggings… if you know how to wear them properly. Stick figures and Victoria secret models can pull of them off with a tiny T, others like myself, (that’s a scary sight), choose a longer top. Leggings are good with sweaters and boots for a winter look. A tunic style top and sandals/wedges/or heals, for a summer look or even a night out. If that dress is too short for certain occasions, put on mid-calf leggings with wedges, this will change the whole look.

(Walgreens has fleece lined leggings for extremely cheap or try out Leggs for lighter fabric leggings of variety of colors and size)

What you wear on the bottom half is the staple of your wardrobe, once you narrow down what to start with, than the rest just become add ons and accessories. Follow me on the next posts for more of what’s in your bag as I go over tops, shoes and my favorite makeup.

 XO from Travels with Chanel



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