What’s in your bag? part II

Not all places are you able to walk around topless, nor would you want to, could get chilly. What to bring to go along with those bottoms, (we already discussed in part I) would be tops. Tops range from sweater, tunics, T’s and even…

The Little Black Dress- Ok, so yes I know this isn’t a top, but if you have a great little black dress, you’re set! Any girl knows that this is a must in her wardrobe, so why not in her luggage? Having a cotton (or wrinkle free) black dress that can be thrown in your “must haves” will come in handy. Preferably a mid to short length one, this can be interchangeable; more than you will think. Summer/Spring time- sandals in the day time, wedges at night or even a pair of boots to edge it up. Throw on some jewelry, chunky to really spice it up, or a light sweater. Fall/Winter- add those leggings for warmth, a long sleeve shirt (maybe even a turtleneck) underneath for warmth. Tall socks (colorful, stripy to solids) with leggings and your favorite boots can change that dress from boring to a lot of personality; don’t forget to add a beanie or beret. Need more warmth? Add a bulky sweater that can be layered underneath and now you have a skirt out of your black dress. If you need to change your looks up, a little dress can be very helpful.

Tank Tops- I don’t go anywhere without a handful of tank tops. I own one in about every color. To me this was the best invention ever made by whatever person got sick of wearing sleeves! I use them for sleeping in, over my bathing suits, as tops with my jeans, under my sweatshirts and light sweaters or just as undergarments when wearing big bulky sweaters.

Tee-shirts- Remember you are traveling and need to have your clothes to be interchangeable. When taking tee-shirts, I lean towards solid colors… last thing you need to be looking at your pictures and seeing that same “I heart NYC” shirt in every scene. But if you are wearing a solid white T or Black, no one will notice a difference, nor will you. Plus you can pick shirts like this up almost anywhere for cheap as well.

Sweaters- I’m like most women who love a good sweater. Open like a cardigan, pullover, light or bulky, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as I love the way they feel and fit. Always take a sweater with you (or two), they can be casual or dressed up.

Sweatshirts- If you are a child from the 80’s (or the generations after), enough said. You cannot live without your favorite sweatshirt. Sleep, traveling, hiking, these go with you everywhere you go. Don’t need to say more, take it with you!

Tunics- find one or two that is made from cotton (for travel purposes) that can be worn to spice up your jeans, leggings, over your bathing suit or even to layer your little black dress. I love tunics, they can go with so much; and if you’re daring enough, wear just the tunic (good luck!)

Stay tuned for What’s in your makeup bag….

XO From Travels with Chanel



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