What’s in your make-up bag?

Make-up is my necessity when traveling. If it came down to clothes or make-up, I’d probably take make-up. You can’t take the whole makeup kit with you, and if you change up your looks often, you don’t want to be stuck with just your boring neutral makeup on this exciting trip.

With bags flying around and being tossed, the one thing that should be of concern is the fragileness of powders and compacts. When traveling your makeup should not only be versatile but protected.

So… what should you take with you and how should it be packed?

Places like Wal-Mart or other superstores carry makeup bags of all sizes. I like the clear bags that are able to been cleaned easily and can be more efficient when needing to find items in a hurry. Sephora (great makeup store that can be found in many countries or online for products) has a brush set, with about 5 brushes that are smaller and perfect for traveling. This is a great purchase that I keep in my luggage cases, cleaned and ready to go. For liquid products I never take the whole container with me. Sally’s beauty products or superstores have containers that these liquids can be placed in, saving you room in your make-up bag. Creams, foundation, eye makeup remover can all be easily put into different containers. If it’s too much work and hassle for you… here’s a secret, *make-up counters or stores do samples*.

Palettes are the way to go. If you want to bring a variety of colors then pallets give the option of multiple colors compacted in to a small compact. Kat Von Dee has some of my favorite colors arranged in a small eye shadow pallet. She has array of colors that are complementary to each other, which are soft and apply very well. The nice thing is that not only can they be applied to the eyes but can be used as eyebrow fillers. This way you can kill two birds with one stone, or use one product many ways. Be careful because pressed powders can break easily. One way to prevent this is to layer the product with cotton balls for protection.

A bronzer is great to throw in the bag, this is a multi-product. If the sun is the destination, then use the bronzer to help out your foundation to match the new tan. This is a great product for contouring or even adding blush to your face.

Top off your look grab two mascaras to take with you, one waterproof and one non-waterproof. Swimming or getting caught in the rain, waterproof…during the day, non-waterproof mascara is great for a soft look… want a heavy look layer them both and voila! You have a night out on the town with a heavier eye makeup look.

Now if you have a bit more space, throw in some of your favorite can’t live without products. Zip up your make-up bag and place it right in the middle of your suitcase, cushioned with clothes for protection. Get Lost and look fabulous all at the same time.

P.S. Don’t forget a mirror, never know where you might have to apply.

XO Travels with Chanel  

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BION I’m imesrsped! Cool post!

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