Londons Calling…


While studying in London a few years ago I had a good friends of mine come to visit me. With only a few days in this amazing city, it was my responsibility to show him around on a schedule that was limited. Having certain attractions in mind, places to eat, see and experience we began our adventures. When traveling in London, you must know… 

Where to start?….

The Tube

Right away, go to the Underground (the Tube, as the locals call it) and purchase a travelcard. This will get you all around London and spare your feet some miles on them; there is a lot to see! The tube is great; it drops you off almost anywhere in the city, it’s fast and goes to all the main attractions (I always feel like I’m riding on a Disneyland ride). There are day, week and month passes, don’t waste the money on point to point travels.

undergroundmapGrab a map while picking up a travel card for the Underground. This map is very compact and you won’t look like a tourist standing with a huge map pinpointing your destination. The map is easy to read and informs travelers of rail names, colors, lines that cross and where is the prime location to change trains by the circles, shown on the map.

Off to the lower left hand side is the name of each line and the affiliated color. When entering the Underground, signs will show direction to the correct line; along with the name of the line, the stations name will be displayed as well. If your main concern is to avoid looking like a tourist, throw some headsets on (to fit in with the local) turn up the jams, sit down (or stand) and look up a bit, on the upper sides of each car there is a visible map and the stops that are approaching. This is one of my tricks to fit in and blend in with other Londoners, even if I have no clue where I’m going. What ever you do though, don’t fall asleep, as I have done a few times, back tracking can be a pain when wanting to get to your flat is the top priority.

With the travelcard, this will make your travels hassle free and a lot more relaxing. When traveling one of the most exciting and highly tourist cities in the world, having the ease to come and go to all the main sites will make London more pleasurable, with a London Underground Travelcard.

XO From London, England

 *3 Days in London… when visiting London and purchasing a travelcard, where to go next is the questioned. Well Go Lost will tell you! In the upcoming post we will show you the best places to head to as  you stay in Her Royalties’ London, England.






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