Ten Places to Eat in Las Vegas

When visiting Las Vegas, knowing exactly where to eat can be quite the challenge. To the culinary world Las Vegas is on the cutting edge…. Has to be with the high demand, standards and amount of restaurants for an ever flow of tourism. But this can be overwhelming to anyone who has been walking the strip or relaxing by the pool and needs a good place to eat.

Whether wanting to grab a light snack, something healthy or a hearty meal for the morning after, Go Lost has some of the best places for you to try the next time you are in Sin City.

#1. Hash Hash A Go A Go

This is not your average restaurant… if plain ole’ eggs and bacon is your style, don’t even bother! Originating out of San Diego, founders of Hash Hash branched out to Las Vegas (with 3 locations) along with featuring their world famous Waffle and photo 2 (28)Fried Chicken on Travel Channel’s Man VS. Food. Their idea of breakfast is not only gigantic but will blow your mind on its creativity. Traditional meals become gourmet dishes, with ingredients that you never imagined would complement each other. Once you try plates like Hash Hash’s Eggs Benedict or Waffles and Fried Chicken, (that can feed you and a small village) breakfast will never be the same!

#2. Hot N Spicy Crawfish

Louisiana’s kitchen is at your fingertips… literally. If you like spicy seafood that you can dig into while wearing a bib (oh, and they give you gloves as well) then this is your place. Getting down and getting dirty has never been more fun when a bag of seafood is put on the table. This is a “no manners zone”, as you dig into bags filled with lobster, crawfish, shrimp, crab (and other Sebastian’s friends) when you rip, pull and tear into them. When seated at a plastic covered table, the menu items are combinations of your choice along with seasonings and spice level. Be careful, too spicy and your Vegas experience will be one to remember.photo 3 (18) 

#3. Carnegie Deli (at the Mirage)

Colossal sandwiches to say the least. Meat stacked on meat as far as you can see, placed inside slices of bread. When reading the menu, $20photo 1 (29) dollars for a sandwich seems a bit overpriced, until the sandwich has been placed in front of you and you are unable to see the person sitting across the table. Designed after the deli in New York City, this restaurant has a reputation to live up to.. try the tender and flavorful opened face Reuben, with pastrami, a melted blanket of swiss cheese and yes… the sauerkraut, and see for yourself.

#4. America

When entering the restaurant America at New York New York, there is an assortment of desserts and donuts that are baked fresh every day on display. Ask for a CRONUT. What, you have never heard of a cronut before? When a donut and a croissant have a baby… a cronut has been made and introduced to the world. This tasty, light and flakey donut is a must try; trust me you will go back for more.

#5. Rachael’s Kitchen

So you have had enough of over feeding yourself with meats and cronuts that you just want vegetables, fruits, salads, anything that doesn’t scream of grease and fat. While walking around Downtown Las Vegas (or at McCarran International Airport) stop in and grab yourself an Acai Berry bowl and a Sweet Greens drink; with kale, spinach, cucumber… and all that other stuff your mom always tried shoving down you as a kid and replenish that body that has been flooded with all that fun of Las Vegas!

Was 5 places to eat in Las Vegas not enough?… Okay… Then the upcoming post will have more places to find juicy and succulent food while staying in the Mojave Desert.



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