Choose Wisely….

Now there’s all this glamour of traveling, but when it comes down to it, as romantic as it is to wander the ruins alone, contemplating life, this isn’t a Danielle Steel book; Traveling alone can be quite boring. So the big question is, who to travel with?  Travel partners can make or break places you’ve been dying to see all your life. In my experience of traveling the world…. You better make sure you unconditionally love those whom you choose to venture the world with. So when you have those thoughts of leaving them with the locals, trading them for a hammock or for that hot meal (when you haven’t eaten in what seems like forever) that little voice that sounds awfully like your dad pops in- and by the way, isn’t so little- says, “if one of you doesn’t come back, make sure all of you don’t, or else”. Dammit, there goes that wedding offer for sister #3 that was gonna get us a rug and a few coins in our pocket.

The Traveling Sisterhood; and no we never shared pants, but we did have to steal deodorant from one particular sister, since she thinks it’s gross to share……We’d wait till it was her shower turn, which was always last, and rumble through her bag if we were in dire need. The joys of traveling with sisters; we laughed- mainly at each other, we cried- well, laughed so hard we cried, snapped at each other- generally when very hungry and tired, yelled at each other, locked each other out of hotel rooms, threaten to leave and stole each other’s socks (and deodorant). Who else can you love and hate so much, in such a short time, all while becoming the best of friends?

“Sissssters….Sissssters… There were never such a devoted sisters…” Okay, okay, I won’t break out into the sister song. But, we did always help carry each other’s bags, made sure we were always in sight of each other, feed the grumpiest one first and stuck up for Desiree when a drunken guy in Santorini wanted to know how much, so he could take her home. We aren’t the Kardashains, we don’t talk about how we feel and whose feelings are hurt. We generally yell, pout and ignore, until someone busts out a joke that no one else gets except for us. Then we realized why we choose to travel with our sisters.

So as you’re booking those tickets and making those plans to check off your bucket list, choose those to share these amazing experiences with carefully. These will be memories that you will never forget, will continue to reminisce and laugh about for years to come. Might as well share them with those whom you love the most.

XO Travels From Chanel


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