New York 2013/2014 and The Sites… To Be

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As Go Losts’ end of the year trip is approaching and starting off in the City of Concrete, it is hard knowing where to start once leaving the airport. The trips in the past to New York City have been only a few days on the way to other parts of the world; not enough to really enjoy the famous city. This trip will be more concentrated on the days spent in the Big Apple, shopping, eating and site seeing.

Since the countdown is on.. for now we do the searching and later the reporting. As we fly into the outskirts of the city and make our way into NYC, the plan is to relax! Coming from the West Coast, our motto has always been, “we’ll get to it, eventually”. In a city of hustle, California girls just don’t have the same mentality, as to one of the reasons we have chosen quite a few days in New York City. Being on vacation is about relaxing and taking in a city that you have limited time at, so the plan is to enjoy ourselves.

What makes a city different from each other is what it offers. New York has its own unique attributes…. Like the Statue of Liberty, lady freedom herself. I have seen this from the airplane or from a distant, but never at the actual monument. Top priority? Taking the boat in New York Harbor and standing at the feet of this 151ft tall symbol of freedom.

Empire State Building is another that makes the list. This American cultural icon, with its art deco design was named one to the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. To be honest, like most people, I want to climb to the top to get some of the most amazing views of New York City.

With the timing of the year that this trip is being made, the Rockefeller Center is a must, with its annual Christmas tree and countless lights. Passing through what is considered “The Crossroads of the World” Time Square, is inevitable. Along with Central Park and many famous sites, like the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall, Trinity Church and the Bull on Wall Street, have all been checked off as mandatory when visiting New York City.

We have added a few extra places that we did not visit in the past, mainly because… We didn’t know about them. Grand Central Station, (for some reason this has always been overlooked, not sure why!) or museums such as, The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) that holds Van Gogh’s Starry Night and The Met, are a must see.  

New York is known for its mixing pot of diverse cultures, and that means… food of every type, from around the world! The plan is to walk the High Line (a converted train track that is now an urban walking park) to the Meatpacking District where there is said to be the new trendy spot for shopping and eating… My two favorite things while traveling!!

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