Washington D.C. in the making…

After a few days in New York City, Go Lost will venture to The United States’ Capital, Washington D.C. I am very excited about this trip, since I have never been, but yet have a very limited time as to what we can see and do. The cool thing about this city is that a lot of sites and museums are freeeee…. Everyone loves that word, especially college students on a budget.

With one day travel into Washington D.C. and returning that same night by train, this part of our trip has to be planned well. This will not be an easy task, seeing that America’s capital has a plethora of museums and monuments to visit.

The White House, a place where some of the most powerful men have led the country, is definitely going to be visited. With high security and advanced purchasing of tickets, the actual tour will have to be done another time. A few pictures while passing the House will do just fine for me, for now. 

Getting off the train when arriving, my determined destination will be the National Mall. At first when researching Washington D.C., I thought, what is so great about this National Mall?… Well if monuments like Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and United States Capital buildings are interesting to you, as they are to me, then this is the place to head to.

I am kind of excited that the Smithsonian Museums and the Supreme Court are places that can be visited for free. Even though theses places will be visited for a short  amount of time, to get a better idea of what this country was founded upon, it will be worth the time spent.

Places that are on bumped to the top of the list to see will be, The Arlington National Cemetery and The Holocaust Museum. As anyone who has known a veteran, who has fought for their country (whatever country that may be) and the rights to freedom, should observe those whom have fight and died. The Arlington National Cemetery, with the tomb of John F. Kennedy and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, will be a sight to see. As well as the heart wrenching museum of those who lived and died in the Holocaust.

In a city that is running the The United States as a whole and democracy is said to be at its finest, visiting a city of American culture, Washington D.C. will be worth the trip and future posts.

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