Planning New Orleans…


Louis Armstrong said, “Way down yonder in New Orleans, in the land of dreamy scenes, there is a garden of Eden”. New Orleans is the birth place of one of the greatest artists in jazz history. Louis sings about his hometown, with his raspy deep recognizable voice, brings images of jazz bands playing in The French Quarter and festivals of life and culture.  

Growing up, Louis Armstrong was not played, nor was jazz music in our house. The first time I heard, “What a Wonderful World”, I knew there was something special about where that style of music and Louis came from.

With this southeastern Louisiana city, straddling the Mississippi and is a major United States port, life is currently moving and festive. New Orleans is famous for its cuisine, music and festivals. What a great city to want to visit!

On the last leg of Go Losts’ travels that ring in the New Year of 2014, New Orleans will be the last stop. Why not start the year off right by spending it in the French Quarter, enjoying music and entertainment… well at least that’s what I plan to do.

The French Quarter (also known as Vieux Carre) is the oldest neighborhood in the City. This part of the city is said to be the heart of New Orleans, with its rich history, diverse architecture, music, nightlife and street performers. Along with this colorful part of the city, there are many museums of art and culture; such as New Orleans Museum of Art, Backstreet Cultural Museum and The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at NOMA.

The Riverwalk Marketplace, that is located along the Mississippi waterfront is said to have shopping till your heart is content. Walking along the waterfront will be a quite the change from viewing the historical mansions of the Garden District and St. Louis cathedral that overlooks Jackson Square.  

With so much to do in New Orleans and places to see, I do plan on walking through, trees of green and red roses too. But most importantly, riding a red streetcar, drinking mint juleps and listening to music that will remind me… that this is a wonderful world, and then I will know, I am in New Orleans.

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