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Packing is not the easiest thing to do, especially with all these flight restrictions and added on fees. More and more airlines are charging for extra baggage. This can be a real pain in the backside when you are a fashionista…. Or really, you just want to enjoy your travels and look good.


So far you have laid out all your belongings, pulled out your suitcase… And you begin to organized, very neatly at that. Excited that you get to take everything that was planned and saved room for what may be purchased in the future. Ok, so this was me last night. Super stoked that I didn’t have to remove anything that I wanted to take, and that I still had plenty of room for more stuff… And who doesn’t like more stuff! As I go to check in online for a boarding pass, it asks me if I plan to take a bag and if so it will be X amount of $$ extra. I figured, well I can pay for one flight… Then I looked up all 3 flights… Yep, all an extra charge!


Not thrilled about paying an extra $100 just for my stuff, I pulled out a smaller luggage case. Unpacked my original, loads of extra room suitcase and made the transfer. Pissy in the process of shoving, squishing and stuffing, only half my stuff fits. Which this is fine if I was going to Hawaii not New York City in the middle of winter. I’m the kinda person who refuses to freeze, along with everyone else I’m sure (nor do I want to wear the same outfit everyday). Being frustrated I then put all my stuff back into my bigger suitcase and willing to unhappily pay the fees.


Then it dawned on me, my backpack! The one I take with me all over the world. These backpacks are completely worth photo 2every dollar. Maybe not ideal for luggage but when it comes down to taking what you want, there’s plenty of room. Every item I had… fit, plus a lot more room left over. Great thing about oversized backpacks, is they fit not only all your stuff that you plan to take but they fit in the overhead compartments like a glove. Spend a little money on a good one, with a waist strap (takes the pressure of the weight off your shoulders), braces (for support) and lots of pockets.


As I’m sitting on the flight to New York City, my bag is stored away in the overhead and I have a few more extra bucks in my pocket to spend… This makes me very happy!


XO From 10,000 ft in the Air



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