NYC… The City That Never Sleeps


imageNew York City.. The one city that never sleeps… full of life and diversity. This is an amazing city that you can instantly feel the beat off the streets, from the subways up to the sky-rises. As we left JFK, took the AirTram and jumped on the subway. In the middle of the subway car a group of entertainers turned up their boom box, the commuters gave them some space. The beats of their music echoed through the cars and these young kids danced for entertainment… And of course money; then I knew I came back to one of my favorite cities.

After dropping our stuff off at our hotel, we headed into the city from Little Ferry, New Jersey…. Which I’m not sure I would completely recommend staying in Jersey (too long of a commute, especially if the city is where you want to spend your time; I know I did). As my first day back in New York, all I wanted to do was to just wonder and Go Lost.

Coming in from New Jersey the bus depot is known as the Port Authority (if you can avoid this area by all means do!) This stop is Time Square (42nd st.), one of the biggest tourist traps in all of New York City.. Or better off to say, the world. Times Square used to be an very dangerous area, known for its adult entertainment industry, until the area was completely changed and cleaned up. Unfortunately there are parts that continue to be unsafe (where money wasn’t out into), such as Port Authority… So try to avoid this section while traveling in New York City.

We headed to Time Square to check out the ever so famous New Years Ball. Small… Just FYI, and not the easiest object to see with all the bright lights of Time Square.

After Times Square, and the crowed streets, we walked past The Top of the Rock and the famous picture of the men who were part of its building. We never made it up to the top of 30 Rock, hopefully another time, because for $17 to the top I heard the view is amazing. Heading over a few blocks we came upon Radio City Music Hall. In that square, the very large ornamental balls are floating in the fountain (great picture if you are looking for next years Christmas cards), along with life size lights and reindeers. If you want to feel the Christmas spirit head over to this area in NYC, then make sure to hit up the most famous tree; the 70-100 ft Rockefeller Tree.

Since it was a beautiful day I knew the one thing that I have always wanted to do (but never have in my past trips) was to see the Empire State Building… From the top of course! (For more detailed information on the ESB, I’ll have a whole post on just that) After waiting a very long time to reach the top, lines after lines, elevators and stairs, I finally got to experience one of the beauties of New York City. It’s worth the money and time to get breath taking views of the whole city 80 stories from ground level. From the Brooklyn Bridge to the Statue of Liberty, can all be seen on a clear day. This was on the top of my list when visiting New York, and would do it again.image

The great thing about New York City is where ever I turn, there is either entertainment or photo opportunities everywhere. Take advantage of this.

XO From New York City

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