The Road to Amalfi.

By Desiree

The road to Hana- Hawaii, Trollstigen-Norway, Tail Of The Dragon -Tennessee/North Carolina, Mulholland Drive-California and The Romantic Road-Germany. We have heard at least one of these famous roads, either by living the experience or heard tales of the ones who have. The road that makes this list by far, is The Road to Amalfi, Italy. The road winds along the South-Western Italian coastline. Clusters of colorfully painted homes imbedded into emerald green cliff sides that meet the Tyrrhenian Sea of royal blue. This road is horribly breathtaking!

We caught a bus in Sorrento heading to Pasitano, our main destination for the day. Chanel had seen Positano in some movie and longed to see it and naturally, I was up for an adventure. Our bus was loaded to the brim with passengers. We had a panoramic view and standing or seating options, we tried both. Besides the view, the most fun to watch was the traffic and how the locals operated the cliff hugging road. The road was not very wide and very little between you and the edge but maybe a three foot barrier. Busses would squeeze barely by each other and on top of that, a motorbike would squeeze through them! You definitely had to know what you were doing as a skilled and daring motorist.

The bus along the journey made several stops as we awaited our stop for Positano but no such luck, we missed it entirely.  I blame my gut feeling on that winding road, trying to keep breakfast down, looking for a place to throw up incase it came to that. One point I thought to myself, I’ll just dump out my purse, and throw up there, that way I wont have to puke all over my sister. In our horrible state, we finally arrived in Amalfi. We stayed and walked around to get back our strength which seemed like hours but I fell instantly in love with the city.

We kicked around the idea of another way home, by train or even walking, anything to prevent that horrible bus ride home. No train was available and I was too weak to walk 30-50 miles, so we braved the bus ride home… front and center this time, which still didn’t help. If I had to do it again…I wouldn’t, I’d take the boat, now that I know. I am glad however that I lived it once, its something we laugh about till this day and if I never had lived it, I wouldn’t have fallen deeply in love with the Amalfi coast and the importance of a brown paper bag. Now go get lost…XO!

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