The Empire State Building

When walking around New York City, most likely you have walked by the Empire State Building a bunch of timesimage without even knowing it… I know I have. Every time I go to look for it I never recognize it from the base; looking up is the key to pin pointing it… And when I mean looking up, I mean way up. This iconic building has has been displayed in loads of films, books and photographed more than most buildings in the world. It sparkles on New Years, lights up red and green during Christmas and even wears it’s heart on its walls on Valentine’s Day. It’s a beautiful artistic creation of architecture.

The Empire State Building has 73 elevators, which by time you get to the top you will have taken 4 of them. After having spent a small fortune to get the best view in Manhattan, I waited in a line that seemed like forever to enter my second elevator. This one feels like a roller coaster ride as it races you up 80 levels. This brought me out to the first observatory. This is the level that is shown in movies like sleepless in Seattle. Go outside to take in the view.

From the 86th floor, it’s a long way down!! If you are afraid of heights.. Don’t look over the edge to the street! Looking around I could see everything from the East River, Central Park, the Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge and even the Statue of Liberty. The 360 degree lets you soak in all of New York City as far as you can see. When I was finished and wanted to head up to the next observatory, I was told I could wait in line for 20 mins to the elevator that will take your to the manual elevator, which goes to the top…. Or I could climb 6 flights of stairs to the same point. I took to the stairs, which ended up being more like 8 flights not 6. After standing in line for so long, climbing sounded like more fun anyways.

The most fascinating part about the Empire State Building is that it has the only working manual elevator in the world.. And trust me, it gets used. As the operator cranked the wheel it went up to the 102nd floor to the top. Now, to be honest, this is not what I expected.. The view isn’t too much different and is hard to see from due to the small windows and crowed space. My advice, save yourself the extra $$ and time by sticking to the first observatory, that’s the view you want to see and expect. But all in all the view from the Empire State Building is amazing and will make you want to go back, regardless of what floor you look out from.

This beautiful building is a big part of New York City. Once was the the tallest building in the world for many years and is again the tallest in NYC. Make this a top priority on your list of must dos while visiting the Big Apple and see New York from the sky.

XO From New York City, at the top of the Empire State Building

Entry to 102nd Floor: $44 (adult)

Entry to 86th Floor: $27 (adult)

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