A Rainy Day in New York City

imageAfter touring the highlights of New York City the first day, hitting up a few good recommended restaurants (such as Hi Life), strolling through Carl Schurz Park (where the mayors house is located) and looking at the beautiful architecture of Grand Central station, day 2 was a bit more low key. With NYC raining all day long, I still had to go out and see the city, knowing that our stay isn’t long.

On the Upper Westside is Utopia, a great joint that locals enjoy called Gray’s Papaya to grab a drink. If you love fruit style type drinks… This is a must in New York. Gray’s is know for their hotdogs and oddly enough their freshly squeezed papaya drink (the prices are very cheap too, always a plus in this city). Try their coconut champagne.. Don’t worry this coconut milk drink isn’t going to get you tipsy, it’s just it’s name.

After heading down the street in the pouring rain, we bought umbrellas (can be bought all over the city for $5), and took a stroll through Central Park. The park is beautiful anytime of the year. When walking through the park, look for some of the famous scenes from movies that have taken place there; and if you get lost (the park is huge) there are maps posted everywhere.

The Metropolitan Art Museum is one of the finest in NYC and one of the top in the world, holding pieces from Degas to Van Gogh. What many don’t know that the prices to go in to the Met is a suggestion.. It is based on donations for entry.. Poor? Then give them what you can; art should be free for all to experience but unfortunately there has to be an upkeep and maintenance on these famous works.

After the Met we jumped on the subway to St Marks to check out the night life. If head shops, tattoo parlors and B rated restaurants that are filled to the max, then this is your part of New York. If not head back a street past the Cube, give it a spin mad walk across the street to Famiglia pizzeria. Best pizza for a great price

If you are a huge fan of When Harry Met Sally orĀ if you are a Will Smith fan and have seen, I Am Legend, head to Washington Square Park to see the famous Washington Arch (this arch has been in a lot of films). It is a beautiful park and has a great view of the new Freedom Tower. In the Christmas season there is a large elegant tree lit up in front of the tree.. This is a good spot if you want to take romantic pictures… Or to take selfies as well.

Despite the rain, New York City can be seen and loved in all weather conditions. I love this city not only for its beautiful diversity but because there is always something to do while you Go Lost in the city that never sleeps.

XO From New York City

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