The Ball Drop of 2014….

Many people have the Times Square New York City ball drop event as a…. “I must do before I die, so therefore it goes on the Bucket List”. Ok, not gonna lie, it was on my bucket list and has now been check off.

It was a great experience and am glad I did it. I have never been so cold, nor have I ever worn so many clothes in my life. I figured I lived in Scotland… I can do the wind chills and dropping degrees of New York. Boy was I wrong!! Two pairs of pants, three shirts, a scarf, arm warmers, gloves, beanie, two pairs of socks, boots and a wool coat and the wind still cut right through me. Oh and if you didn’t know this… Phones shut off when the temperatures are too cold for them to handle.

So the word on the street was, over a million people fill the streets near Time Square and if you want to see the stage, you have to arrive at 8 am that morning. Yes, 8 am! That’s some dedication. Well a bit of a diva I can be… that’s too early for me. I figured 6 or 7 o’clock was good enough.. You can still see the ball drop, it’s just a lot smaller. Who are we kidding, the ball is already small enough… You do this for the exciting vibe that fills the streets of Manhattan and gives you an experience you will never forget.image

Security was tight and police lined the streets; hundreds of them, keeping order among the large masses. I have never seen so many people in my life or policemen at that. Passing through two check points, everyone was being searched (bags and alcohol are not permitted inside the gated off areas).

Once inside, you are what the call “corralled”in. When people begin to leave, the police move groups of people into the next corral. As the night went on many ended up leaving because it was just far too cold. I, myself choose jumping as an alternative… This kept my body warm and my frozen toes a little less closer to frost bite. Ok, so maybe I’m a little dramatic but frost bitten toes was a fear of mine.

Each hour has a count down to the next, everybody counts as the ball drops fireworks go off and the starts the new hour. This made five hours of standing in the cold a lot of fun and gave me something to look forward to.

There is nothing like the final hour’s count down though. The numbers appear from 15 seconds down and everyone begins to get loader and loader. 5…4…3…2..1!!! Happy New Year! The fireworks go off and that event on TV that you have been watching for so many years, has just become yours. One that you most likely won’t want to do again, but glad you did; because now you can cross it off your, “before I die” list.



XO Happy New Years From Go Lost


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