Manhattan to Brooklyn


Since the night prior was ended at the Washington Park Arch, with a glimpse at the new Freedom Tower, today’s agenda was to head over to see it. The tower was scheduled to open on January 1st, 2014 but the grounds were open for viewing with tickets purchased online. I headed over to the Ladder Co 10; to be able to see this fire station and pay tribute to the fallen firemen who were first on the scene during 9/11. If you haven’t experienced the fire station, it is very emotional and humbling; this is how the firemen left their station as they went into the towers. Take a few minutes and walk around the corner of the station to see the wall memorial of those fallen during duty.

After spending sometime at ground zero, Battery Park was next on the list. This park is at the end of the island, where the Statue of Liberty can be seen from and tickets can be purchased to take the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  Battery Park is being renovated and new plans for an urban park are under way.

The walk from Battery Park was chilly, being near the waters edge. Walking through Wall Street, I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge to get some good pictures. There is a walk way that you can look up at the bridge, but I also wanted to walk across it. The bridge took me about 30 minutes to cross and was about a mile and half. By this time I was hungry and tired and did I mention hungry?? The Brooklyn Bridge brings you out into a business area of the city and walking into the center of the city, I probably wouldn’t recommend this walk without knowing exactly where you are going.

After grabbing a bite to eat, the subway was the most logical route, seeing that it drops you off back into Manhattan… Cold and tired, I wasn’t about to trek back over the bridge. Though, I can see why this is a highly traveled route; the Brooklyn Bridge is fascinating (it is the oldest suspension bridge in the US) and must be walked across to appreciate its beauty.image

I found my way to a bakery that Airyana had sent me to tryout (This was a nice way to end the day walking around New York). Babycakes has three locations, New York City being one of them, along with LA and Orlando. If you are in any of these locations and have a bit of a sweet tooth… Stop by! They are a gluten free vegan bakery. I warn you though…. Take a few to go because you will crave their delicious goods later on. My favorite? The Mounds Hearts… Pink coconut hearts half dipped in dark chocolate, need I say more? Look closely, this bakery on between Orchard and Ludlow is hard to detect and can be easily passed by, but they stay open late…. Just in case you…..Go Lost!

XO From Brooklyn and Manhattan


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