Meet the Go Girls!



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“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” -Ibn Battuta

I started traveling since I was little, before I can remember. My family was always on the go… in a car most of the time. We were Gypsies, always setting out in our Caravan. Our travels were pretty local but none the less, they still were places I never seen or been before. My wanderlust was moderate with National Geographic magazines that my grandparents had lying around their house. But as subtle as it may have seemed, a desire grew so strong inside me as I got older to see places such as Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, The Neuschwanstein Castle, etc… that I could no longer sit still. It was just because I had seen them as a child somewhere like it was a dream or a memory I was trying to remember. I heard a saying somewhere about how you should make it a priority to travel to one place you have never been before, once a year. From that point on, I took my camera and my point of view and traveled.


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I have always been intrigued with far away lands, adventure and the excitement of the unknown. Not sure what’s more exhilarating: buying the tickets, planning the trip or getting off the airplane and stepping into that unknown. My first real encounter with traveling was, boarding a plane solo, leaving my family and friends behind and heading to the land of bonnie Scotland; as I served a full time mission for a year and a half. After experiencing the thriving culture of diversity from the British Isles, I knew I had to see and experience more. From studying fashion makeup in London, scaling castle walls in Scotland, eating gelatos in Rome, swimming in the Mediterranean, sketching the statues in Piazza della Signoria in Florence, shopping the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, catching a ballgame at Fenway Park to off-roading in the dunes of Mexico, it is never enough. The passion of travel runs through my veins and becomes stronger with each stamp on my passport, and each new adventure.


When traveling, I am the one who carries all of the groceries, the dirty laundry and even those two sister’s luggage if they could get away with it! Poor me – right? Trust me, I get even! Ask them about the histories of all the amazing cathedrals, castles, art/momuments, archeological sites, and other exotic out-of-the-way locals I detail during our exploring – which might explain why I’m left standing with all those above mentioned items! Still, they haven’t had enough and neither have I! Traveling is more than a passion for us, it’s in our blood! We had grandparents and parents who loved to travel as well. It never seemed like we had a strict itinerary or much of a budget but we did make many memories. My early history lessons were trekking cross country to do pencil rubs on the plaques of the actual monuments found in my textbooks. No wonder I like archeology and sacred sites as much as I do! I now have a child of my own who I hope to teach the same respect and awe for other cultures and their histories. I’ll just make those sisters carry her as we go!