Sweetness of the Lower Eastside of New York City

There are many hidden secrets throughout New York City, but knowing where to find them is the key. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, like me, head to Babycakes. Having a sweet tooth is tough enough but finding a treat that isn’t overloaded with refined sugars is just as hard. This amazing bakery offers all natural and organic treats that features vegan, gluten-free cookies, cakes and doughnuts. Keep Reading…

The Road to Amalfi.

By Desiree

The road to Hana- Hawaii, Trollstigen-Norway, Tail Of The Dragon -Tennessee/North Carolina, Mulholland Drive-California and The Romantic Road-Germany. We have heard at least one of these famous roads, either by living the experience or heard tales of the ones who have. The road that makes this list by far, is The Road to Amalfi, Italy. The road winds along the South-Western Italian coastline. Clusters of colorfully painted homes imbedded into emerald green cliff sides that meet the Tyrrhenian Sea of royal blue. This road is horribly breathtaking!

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The Ball Drop of 2014….

Many people have the Times Square New York City ball drop event as a…. “I must do before I die, so therefore it goes on the Bucket List”. Ok, not gonna lie, it was on my bucket list and has now been check off.

It was a great experience and am glad I did it. I have never been so cold, nor have I ever worn so many clothes in my life. I figured I lived in Scotland… I can do the wind chills and dropping degrees of New York. Boy was I wrong!! Two pairs of pants, three shirts, a scarf, arm warmers, gloves, beanie, two pairs of socks, boots and a wool coat and the wind still cut right through me. Oh and if you didn’t know this… Phones shut off when the temperatures are too cold for them to handle. Keep Reading…

Manhattan to Brooklyn


Since the night prior was ended at the Washington Park Arch, with a glimpse at the new Freedom Tower, today’s agenda was to head over to see it. The tower was scheduled to open on January 1st, 2014 but the grounds were open for viewing with tickets purchased online. I headed over to the Ladder Co 10; to be able to see this fire station and pay tribute to the fallen firemen who were first on the scene during 9/11. If you haven’t experienced the fire station, it is very emotional and humbling; this is how the firemen left their station as they went into the towers. Take a few minutes and walk around the corner of the station to see the wall memorial of those fallen during duty.

After spending sometime at ground zero, Battery Park was next on the list. This park is at the end of the island, where the Statue of Liberty can be seen from and tickets can be purchased to take the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  Battery Park is being renovated and new plans for an urban park are under way.
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A Rainy Day in New York City

imageAfter touring the highlights of New York City the first day, hitting up a few good recommended restaurants (such as Hi Life), strolling through Carl Schurz Park (where the mayors house is located) and looking at the beautiful architecture of Grand Central station, day 2 was a bit more low key. With NYC raining all day long, I still had to go out and see the city, knowing that our stay isn’t long.

On the Upper Westside is Utopia, a great joint that locals enjoy called Gray’s Papaya to grab a drink. If you love fruit style type drinks… This is a must in New York. Gray’s is know for their hotdogs and oddly enough their freshly squeezed papaya drink (the prices are very cheap too, always a plus in this city). Try their coconut champagne.. Don’t worry this coconut milk drink isn’t going to get you tipsy, it’s just it’s name.
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